The team behind the Bar


We are travelers and hedonists in the purest sense.  We love people and food and serendipity.  We feel serendipity had a big part in bringing us together to successfully put Copper Glance on the strip in little ol' Winthrop town.   With a few bucks, and a LOT of love, Copper Glance was formed from the ashes of a former cafe spot on the Riverside Avenue strip.  We tore down walls and built new ones, we stripped, we painted, we stained, and we polished. We obsessively searched craigslist ads from here to Spokane and down to Portlandia.  We sweat, we bled, and we cried. And now we make cocktails!  Damn fine cocktails.



A self proclaimed foodie and sophisticated outdoorsman, Liam melds his love for wild fish & game with 10+ years experience in the food and beverage industry to support the creation of Copper Glance.  He is also a partner owner of the local Lost River Winery so he is our in-house sommelier, of course.  In addition to contributing to the design and vision of our space, Liam will be consulting with the chef in designing our menus and suggested pairings.  His go-to cocktail is the Negroni.


 Leia is hard working and sweet as honey.   She has 15 years of experience in customer service including hotel hospitality, food preparation and service, and bougie river raft guiding.  She has lifted many heavy boards of fir in building & remodeling Copper Glance.  Leia's Swedish heritage provides a fresh influence on our culinary approach which will be found in the foods we serve.  She has a love of small batch gins and an obsession with coffee ( a good way).


Sol brings her multiple experiences in food and beverage service, years of project management, and website design and management.  She is an advocate of using local and fresh ingredients, focusing on quality, not quantity.  Her other full-time job is that of wedding photography.  When out on the town, anything tequila or whiskey based is this gal's way to go.


Shiah has a passion for life and anything possibly irreverent and thrill inducing.  He loves speed flying, rock climbing, and river kayaking.  His fire has fueled the majority of our construction phase and has brought you the beautiful woods and metals of our lovely little bar.  In his spare time, he is owner/operator of Methow River Raft + Kayak, offering river tours of the Methow, along side Leia.  Shiah is also a connoisseur of sipping vodkas and party lights.