We opened Copper Glance with a vision of offering new options to local customers using the best ingredients we could get. We proudly serve local organic produce when at all possible, ecologically and humanely raised meats, game and poultry found at farms around the the states of Washington & Oregon.  We’re committed to supporting those farms and ranches that have made it their mission to respect the land, animals, and the environment.  The following are just a few of the purveyors we partner with.


Straus Family Creamery

Straus Family Creamery is a small, family-owned, organic creamery which produces milk, ice cream, yogurt, and butter with milk sourced from their dairy and from three other local family farms. Straus Family Creamery is located on the beautiful shores of Tomales Bay. The Slanted Door uses Straus dairy at all our restaurant locations.


Dirty Girl Produce

Dirty Girl Produce is located between two of the best growing areas of the Bay Area — Santa Cruz’s banana belt, where the weather is relatively hot and dry in the summer, and La Selva Beach, where there is a stronger coastal influence. The mild climate and fertile riverbed soil enables farms like Dirty Girl to grow vegetables almost year round.


Mariquita Farm

Mariquita — which means “ladybug” in Spanish — is a small family farm located near Watsonville, California. The farm grows organic specialty vegetables, greens, strawberries, and herbs for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) members in Silicon Valley, the Peninsula, and San Francisco, and for many restaurants, including The Slanted Door.


Allstar Organics

Allstar Organics is two acres of aromatic plants and antique roses in Lagunitas, California, and 10 acres of over 150 varieties of certified organic, specialty, and heirloom crops in Nicasio, California, halfway between San Francisco Bay and Pt. Reyes Station. Allstar is a warm-weather farm with distinct seasons and a highly mineralized, clay-based soil. Their soil-enrichment program includes a diverse cover cropping system, microbiological drenches, and aged nutritional mulches. As a result, their vegetables acquire vivid color, distinctive texture, and intense fragrance and flavor.


Dinner Bell Farm

Dinner Bell Farm raises Hampshire and Naked Neck broiler chickens exclusively on fresh pasture and Certified Organic feed. They pride themselves on the quality of life they provide for their birds, which are raised in a spacious brooder on clean pine shavings until they are three weeks old. Then, conditions permitting, they are moved into mobile pens on fresh pasture. The pens are moved daily, providing fresh forage and clean sanitation.


Star Route Farms

Star Route Farms has been an organic farm in Marin County since 1974. They began on five acres using horse-drawn sulky plows and cultivators and a lot of “long haired ambition.” As pioneers in the then-fledgling organic industry, Star Route Farms adopted production and post-harvest technologies such as precision planters and hydrocooling equipment to ensure top-quality produce for the consumer. Star Route Farms is the oldest continuously certified organic grower in California, and the owner, Warren Weber, has long been active in the organic industry as a past president of California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), co-founder of the Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF), president of Marin Organic (MarinOrganic.org), and past vice-president of Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT). The farm is certified by Marin Organic Certified Agriculture.


Prather Ranch

Located in Northern California, Prather Ranch has become a stellar example of a self-sustaining agricultural operation that promotes strong environmental philosophies, holistic management practices, and the humane treatment of livestock. Those at the ranch understand that the first step is to be good stewards of the land, which includes caring for the soil, the water, the air, the cattle, and those who work the land.