The ALCHEMISTS behind the Bar


Chris M: a flavor junkie at heart, Chris has traveled the world pursuing his passion for culinary and imbibing experiences. Classically trained in the kitchen and hailing from the gustatorial hot-bed of Chicago, Chris thrives on the technical details of cocktail crafting, the science behind it all and keeping us current with the trends and innovations in the industry.

Amy D: born and raised in the Twisp and honing her craft in the far reaches of Alaska and Hollywood before returning home to the Methow, Amy brings vast experience of bar management knowledge and mixology skills. Amy loves finding classic cocktails recipes, deconstructing them and re-forging them into something new, different & delicious.

Mike Baerveldt: nicknamed “Drinker of Strange Liquids” during college, Mike has been lucky enough to turn his hobby as a barfly into something almost legitimate as the lesser half of the ownership team with his wife, Chris Hoffer.